How to choose a bookmaker?

The aim of bookmakers is to make a profit. They are not there to give you money but to try to take it from you! It is very important to choose the right bookmaker(s) to bet on in order to have the best possible betting experience and most importantly, the best odds to beat the bookmakers. Here we will analyse the main criteria to take into account when choosing your bookmaker. 

The odds

The bookmaker you choose should offer attractive odds. The odds have a direct influence on your winnings. The higher the odds, the higher your winnings and your return on investment. You should be registered with several bookmakers in order to always get the best odds and win at sports betting. 

Don’t overlook a small difference. In the long run, the difference will be felt. Imagine that you are used to taking odds that are always 10% lower than the best on the French market. For an aggregate stake of $1000, that’s a net profit difference of $100!

When comparing bookmakers’ odds, don’t just look at the 1N2 odds. Also look at the other bets you like.

We have compared the odds of all the French bookmakers in several sports and on many markets. 

Customer service


Customer service and the reputation of bookmakers are often overlooked by punters. However, the majority of punters have at some point contacted the customer service department of an online betting site with a question or a technical problem.

No French bookmaker offers a 24-hour customer service, but most of them can be reached by phone 7 days a week! Also check that the customer service number is not overcharged (like PMU), you might get a nasty surprise when you receive your phone bill. 

Welcome bonuses

The “first bet refunded if you lose” type bonuses are very popular . But always check the conditions. Only the Winamax bonus and the Betclic bonus can be withdrawn without conditions. Others like the Zebet bonus are more complex and it is important to understand how they work.

Be careful though, don’t forget that welcome bonuses are there to attract customers. They can easily increase your bankroll, but that is not what will give you a good gaming experience. 

Diversity of bets

Some bookmakers are content to offer only the most popular bets (1N2, handicap, over/under, half-time bet, double chance). This will not suit all punters and they will feel restricted. In order to have the best possible gaming experience, you need to be able to take the best bet at the best odds.

We have therefore taken a close look at the number of markets offered by each bookmaker on each sport and competition. 

Live betting

More and more punters are waiting until the matches have started to place their bets. The bookmakers have understood this. They are investing more and more in their live offer by providing live videos and statistics.

We have therefore looked at the number of matches being played LIVE, the variety of bets and the level of live betting odds. All this varies a lot between bookmakers! 

Which are the best online betting sites

Unibet: the best odds


If you have fun comparing the odds, you will notice that Unibet is the most generous French bookmaker. Unibet is not only the best on 1N2 betting odds. It is also very competitive on handicap bets, over/under, double chance, payout if draw, win without taking a goal.

Unibet is one of the most used online betting sites by our expert punters. It is also ideal for beginners as the minimum bet is only 10 cents. 

Netbet: the biggest bonus

Netbet is not the best in terms of odds but it offers a very substantial welcome bonus. Up to $290 back on your first bet + $10 bonus once your account is validated.

Netbet also runs regular promotions where you can get free bets.

This bookmaker must now make efforts on the odds which are, very often, well below the market. 

Zebet: big odds on the underdogs

Zebet is the bookmaker that is on the rise at the moment. This online betting site, created in 2014, regularly competes with the best bookmakers with very generous odds on the 1N2 bet, especially on the outsiders.

Its $150 bonus is very attractive. It allows you to build a solid bankroll to start on this site. The LIVE bets need improvement as do the odds on the alternative bets, which are often below average. This is why our opinion on Zebet is less positive than on Winamax and Unibet. 

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