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As the only table game that is not played with cards, online roulette competes with slot machines for the top spot in the hearts of casino players. But unlike slot machines, roulette is played with several players under the guidance of a dealer – which adds a friendly touch to the game. But it’s also a game where you can win money, and often a lot of it. And conversely, it can also make you lose a lot of money… Is it a question of luck? Not only, because as you can read in this file, there are some techniques and strategies in roulette that allow you to increase your chances, or in any case, to limit the damage.

Welcome bonus to play roulette for free

It’s all about signing up to an online casino you’ve never played at before to take advantage of the welcome offers available to new members. Some casinos even offer roulette bonuses, to be used only on this game. Just claim it and take advantage of it to make some free bets.

Roulette: play for fun, play for practice


Although this game is extremely simple, it goes without saying that it is always more pleasant and reassuring to test a game without taking risks before playing roulette for real money. You will be able to try the different versions of roulette: European roulette or American roulette (we will avoid Russian roulette though…). It is also an opportunity to try out the different methods recommended by the strategies such as the martingale, the d’Alembert rising system, the piquemouche method, the Labouchere method, or the Paroli system. All these methods are based on mathematical calculations, statistics that calculation geniuses have developed through careful observation and counting.

In order to play online for free, there is no need to download any game software – indeed, this practice is tending to be lost with the new streaming technologies that allow you to play directly on the site, or even to play live roulette, facing real croupiers and other players. However, this option is not usually free.

On this page you can try out all the best roulette games offered by our partner casinos without having to make a deposit.

No deposit bonus to play roulette for free

online roulette

As the name suggests, this is a bonus that will allow you to play before you have even deposited any money into your account. It will allow you to test the online casino, and play free roulette, among other things, because of course, it is you who will choose. The no deposit bonus is probably the most sought after by players, however the conditions for withdrawing your winnings depend on the casino and we can only recommend that you read them carefully. To find out more, read the full article on no deposit bonuses.

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