Which roulette player are you?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Indeed, it can ensure big wins and is very easy to play. And there’s a lot of excitement, not to mention the exhilaration of winning…

The professional

As the name suggests, this type of player likes to play roulette because it can make them rich. Their main objective is to win at all costs. To achieve this, he has an efficient management of his bankroll. This player is ready to learn all the tricks and strategies that will allow him to take the lead. Always looking for bonuses that will make him win, he is always imbued with wisdom. He knows how to set his own limits when he realizes that all situations are unfavorable to him. He withdraws and waits for the right moment to hit the jackpot. In addition, this type of player is more of an investor, as winning allows him to make substantial profits. Professional roulette players are often high-level and use different strategies and do not hesitate to bet large sums of money when they are sure of their move.

The Observer


This game of roulette takes time to analyse the rotation of the wheel in all its aspects and deduce the winning number. Some players can study the trajectory of the ball. He therefore relies on his ability to deduce quickly compared to others at the same table. He may spend days doing various studies before starting.

The calculator

Roulette has the particularity of having been invented by a mathematician. Therefore, in this game of chance, the formulas of probability are applicable. If you are a mathematician, you can turn the wheel in your favour by using your logical mind. A thorough knowledge of enumeration is useful to calculate the odds correctly. Michel Martin, a famous mathematician, has published a book called Winning Casino in which he reveals all the techniques and tips to ensure a win at roulette.

The casual player

roulette game

This type of roulette player does not visit the casino too often, and prefers to blow off steam from time to time, when they have money. Many of these players were reluctant to travel to Vegas or other major casino attractions, but they seem to enjoy betting a little money online. Since it is more convenient to deposit money and play at home, their numbers have increased lately, although they still play with minimal stakes. Their sessions are short and it makes no difference whether they win or lose, because playing roulette online is nothing more than an occasional hobby for limited but intense fun.

The passionate player

This type of player is also looking for winnings. Sometimes they may play roulette for profit, but they are also looking for adrenaline and thrills. Indeed, roulette is one of the casino games where suspense is the key word. The player is not afraid to take risks to keep the suspense going. For him, the realization of double wins and the strong emotions they have generated are a double satisfaction.

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