Online roulette betting system

They are announced by a player before play on real money on the Roulette table and they cover specific sections on the Roulette wheel.

Roulette: tips on the game

Of course, before playing for real money, it’s best to know some basic rules. First of all, you should know that there are two types of roulette: French roulette (also called European roulette) and American roulette (or English roulette).

Don’t worry, despite appearances it’s all very simple! There are two main types of bets: fixed bets, otherwise known as inside bets, and specific bets, otherwise known as minimum and maximum bets. These vary depending on the online casino you choose to play at and are indicated.

Inside bets


When you decide to play online roulette, it is crucial that you have a clear idea of what inside bets are. These types of bets have very interesting odds, but are very risky for the player, but if you are lucky enough, you could win up to 35 times the amount you bet. What?! There are 5 inside bets you can place, including the full bet (placed directly on a single number), the horse bet (placed between two numbers), the cross (placed on a set of three numbers), the four (placed on a set of four numbers) and the six (placed on a set of 6 numbers). These bets have odds of 35 to 1, 17 to 1, 11 to 1, 8 to 1 and 5 to 1 respectively. As you will see, these bets are very lucrative and give you more fun playing roulette.

Outside bets

Outside bets have less lucrative odds, but are very beneficial to the bettor. In fact, when you place this type of bet, you are guaranteed a win and a bonus, why not, at the end of each game. Among the outside bets, there are the dozens bet, the column bet, the pass or miss, even or odd, red or black bets. Apart from the dozen and column bets, which pay out at 2 to 1, all other bets pay out at 1 to 1, but at a more regular frequency.

Low or high variance bets?

roulette betting

Irrespective of the strategy you adopt, you have no way of influencing the odds. It doesn’t matter if you bet on a single number or on the pass (the numbers 19 to 36), the odds are always in the casino’s favour. However, betting on a single number generates more variance – even though this type of bet usually loses, the sum won is much greater. Conversely, betting on the pass, for example, significantly increases the chances of winning (yes) but with smaller payouts. In this case, the playing capital is not affected by high variances.

Logic: the higher the chances of winning, the lower the winnings. In this case, if you have to bet a certain amount in order to unlock a bonus, it is better to do so with low variance bets on the single odds (Black-Red / Miss-Pass / Even-Odd). On the other hand, if you’re in a slump and you’re short on time, for example at a tournament, choose to place high variance bets – you have little to lose, but a lot to win!

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